I first posted these Weight Watcher Tips for Success several months ago. Since then I’ve learned a lot more about what works and what doesn’t when trying to follow the Weight Watchers program. So, I wanted to come back and update this list with even more tips to help you be successful with the Weight Watchers program.
20 Tips for Weight Watchers Success

Weight Watchers Tips for Success
1. Keep a food journal. This is the biggest thing for me because I often “graze” throughout the day and it wasn’t until I started writing down everything that went in my mouth did I really realize how much I really was eating.

2. Water, Water, and more Water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I do better when I have a reusable water bottle that I can carry around with me throughout the day. I like this water bottle because I can add fruit in the middle to be able to have fruit infused water.

3. Measure everything. Many people “eyeball” their food amounts and often each larger portion sizes as a result.

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4. Use Smaller Plates. This tricks your brain into thinking you are eating more than you really are.
5. Exercise. This will speed up your weight loss as well as helping you in so many other areas as well, like keeping your heart healthy. One easy way to get more exercise is simply to move more. It’s recommended that you walk 10,000 steps a day. In order to track my steps I use a tracker from Fitbit because Fitbit makes activity tracking easy and automatic.

6. Brush your teeth. Seriously, when I start feeling like I want to snack I will go brush my teeth. Maybe its a distraction or maybe its that we don’t usually want to eat right after brushing our teeth. Whatever the reason, it works.

7. Grocery shopping: Make a list before you go to the store and make sure you know the Points Plus values of the foods you are going to buy. Take your WW calculator with you so you can calculate points values if you find a new product that’s not on your list. To keep yourself on track with meal planning and grocery shopping, download our menu planning and grocery shopping guides.

8. Make it a way of life. I have done Weight Watchers long enough now that I know the points plus values for the majority of the foods that I commonly eat. This makes things easier and it feels more like a normal lifestyle rather than a “diet”.
9. Weigh in once a week or less. Don’t become obsessed with the scales. My weight fluxuates from day to day and if I weighed in daily I would just get frustrated. I now only let myself weigh on Sundays. The rest of the week my scales go in my closet. When you do weigh it is important that you are using a scale that is accurate. There are so many options out there but this is the scale that I use.
10. If you mess up and have a really bad day forgive yourself, and get back on the right track. Don’t give up just because of one bad day, or even because of a bad week. You may have weeks where you don’t loose any weight. Don’t give up, keep working to reach your goal.

11. When dining out, try to look at the restaurant’s menu online before going. I try to do this so I can get an idea of what I want to order that won’t blow all my WW Points on one meal. Many restaurants now label their menu’s with Weight Watcher friendly items or items that are below a certain calorie limit. One of my favorite restaurants, Applebee’s has a Weight Watcher’s menu as well as a menu of items that are under 550 Calories.

12. Big things come in small packages. Do you love high calorie foods like cheese? If so, cut the cheese into small cubes and package into Ziploc bags. This way you basically trick your brain into thinking you are eating more, even though what you are eating is just in smaller pieces. I love these Ziploc Snack Bags.

13. Doggie Bag Please! When dining out, ask for a box or doggie bag when your food arrives at your table. Go ahead and divide your meal into a smaller portion. Take the remainder home for another meal. Most restaurants give you large portion sizes, more than one person should consume in one meal, so split that meal into two. An additional bonus, you save on lunch the next day by eating your leftovers!

14. Sit down at the table to eat. Women are naturally multi taskers. We have to be! With balancing kids, husbands, work, home, laundry, pets, and everything else we quickly learn to do several things at one time. Get in the habit of making yourself sit down at the tablet to eat. You are more likely to pay attention to what you are eating and how much and realize when you are full. If you are eating while you are busy doing something else, even if its watching TV, you are more likely to overeat.

15. Know your portion sizes. Most people do not know what a proper portion size it. For example, one serving of pasta should be about the size of a tennis ball. I don’t know about you but when I eat a plate of spaghetti I’m guilty of eating a lot more than one tennis ball worth! For more guidelines and a visual aide on what serving sizes really are check out this post on Know Your Portion Sizes. For more help on keeping your portion sizes under control, check out this portion control container kit on Amazon.

16. Make healthy swaps. Find healthier substitutions for the foods you love. Do you love milk? Use skim or low-fat milk rather than whole milk.

17. Find ways to incorporate exercising into your daily routine. Take the stairs at work. Park farther away from the store or office instead of searching for that coveted close parking spot. One thing I would do at work, if I did splurge and go to the vending machine I would make myself take the stairs to the third floor and use the vending machines there rather than going to the vending machine close to my office. There are so many fitness programs out there. BeachBody has some great programs such as Insanity and P90X. Like I mentioned in #5 by using an activity tracker such as a Fitbit you can track your steps and motivate yourself to get moving.

18. Prepare your food in advance. If you prepare your meals in advance you know you have healthy meals, ready to go, and are less likely to order take out or hit up the drive thru on the way home from work. For ideas on meals that you can prepare ahead, check out Once a Month Meals. They have so many great recipes listed that you can prepare ahead and freeze. Paleo Meals To Go has great options available.

19. Buy a food scale and weigh your foods. You will be amazed at how much food weighs. This goes hand in hand with portion sizes. Most of us don’t know what 3 ounces looks like. By weighing your foods you know exactly how much you are consuming. Here is a link to a great food scale on Amazon. This is the same one that I use in my kitchen.
20. Keep a positive attitude. Yes, you will fall off the wagon sometimes but don’t let that get you down. Hop back on and keep losing!

Good luck in your weight loss journey.

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