My husband hasn’t been a big fan of pork chops. I think it has to do with the fact that his mother used to make them so often when he was a kid. Whenever I suggest pork chops for dinner, he gets this weird look on his face. And then he says he wants to cook a surprise dinner, instead. Haha! Well, I can’t really blame him. My mother-in-law is a great cook, but perhaps pork chops once a week is a bit too often!

The other night, however, I found this really tasty-looking pork chop recipe and I just had to try it. My husband was still at work so he didn’t have a say in it! I prepared everything (which is, by the way, a breeze with this dish) and waited until he got home. I poured him a glass of wine and told him we were going to have a special meal. His jaw dropped when I served the pork chops, but as soon as he took his first bite, he said these were going on our dinner routine!

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