HAPPY SUNDAY, FRIENDS!! Are you enjoying the first official weekend of Summer? Hope you’re having a fantastic time!

I’ve been too busy dreaming about going to a nice tropical place, with the ocean as my morning view and salsa dancing as my night cap.
Then I am reminded of my two little ones…

Umm… Ain’t nobody going nowhere, especially not salsa dancing until these two babes can order themselves a draaaank.
For now, looks like laying out on the back porch will do. Sippy cups in tow and Chicken-Broccoli Shells and Cheese on the go!

I want to honor Summer by adding comfort food to our dinners. YAY for cheese, chicken, more cheese, and pasta!! It can’t always be about a Berry Caprese Salad or Banana Mango Smoothies … or maybe it can?!

So, how do you like my big, silver pan up there? It’s on this blog every other week. I’m kinda tired of it, but, you know, if I add one more pan or pot to this kitchen, I think my kitchen will explode!

I need a celebrity’s house to be able to fit all the stuff that I want to have. The kitchen would have to be the biggest. Then I can go and pimp it out on MTV’s Cribs. Does that show still play? ‘Cause I really wanna show off my fridge and all the stuff I keep in it…
Like, shredded Cheddar Cheese, anyone? With a side of chicken??

Hey! How about we make super simple HOMEMADE mac and cheese? Errrr, shells and cheese?!
I mean, the cheese isn’t quite homemade, but I can do that, too, if you want me to… please don’t make me.

Besides, this is still a waaaaaay better option than that box-stuff. And it tastes SO GOOD!

Please, just step away from that blue box, as well as away from the Velveeta stuff… you won’t need them. And after you see how easy it is to make your own mac ‘n cheese, shells and cheese, cheesy chicken cheese(!!!!), I hope that you won’t ever have to reach over for the blue box. K? Thanks!

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