Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Bars – crushed peanut butter sandwich cookies, topped with chocolate pudding, a fluffy layer of cream cheese and peanut butter, and finished off with Cool Whip. Jell-O Pudding Mix and Cool Whip are ready to help you make delicious recipes and yummy snacks!

It’s a marriage made in heaven.
Some things were just meant to go together, like Abbott & Costello, spaghetti & meatballs, Kim & Kanye (ok, maybe not that one).
Chocolate and peanut butter.

Just the thought of those two incredible flavors makes me swoon!

My oldest, youngest and I visited our local Walmart store last week to help them find items they’d need for their upcoming road trip out to Arizona. While we were there, I found the Jell-O Chocolate Pudding and Cool Whip needed for this incredibly delicious dessert. #AddCoolWhip #CollectiveBias

Our daughter is moving to the northern part of the state and our son is moving back to Phoenix where he’ll live with his best friend’s family until Mr. 365 and I move out there in November.

Yes, another move across the country for this family. This one being our third.
We resided in Phoenix for 11 years before we decided to move back to New England and experience the mountains of New Hampshire.

We’d lived near the water, in the desert and decided it was time to experience mountain living.
Well, not the Grizzly-Adams-living-off-the-land-kind-of-mountain-living, but mountain living none the less. Had the Mr. had his way, we would have done that. But I’m just not there and not sure if I ever will be. Give me running water, people to socialize with and a few major amenities and I’m a happy camper.

Recently, our son expressed interest in focusing on golf and returning to his old high school which became the impetus for our decision.

So, anywho, the two of them planned their trip, packed up their gear and set off on their excursion early yesterday morning.
I’ve said goodbye to my children before for extended amounts of time as our daughters went off to college, but yesterday was different.
As the car pulled away, I experienced a whole mess of emotions – sadness, excitement, nervousness, pride, and a whole bunch of anxiety.
And my baby boy, albeit my 17 year old baby boy, off to explore the country with his oldest sister.
Yes, this momma knew that for the next 3 nights or so that sleep would not come easily, and I was right as last night turned into the wee hours of this morning.
Finally after some wrong turns, getting lost by way of Massachusetts and Canada (don’t ask), some minor car trouble and all of this consequently adding a few extra hours on to their trip, they arrived safely at their hotel in Ohio – thanks largely in part to their extremely patient and calming father who acted as their GPS.

Mom definitely needed these Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Bars once I knew the kids were settled.
They helped to take the “edge” off and at least settle me down before I was able to catch a few hours sleep.
Had they known I’d made this, I’m sure they would have welcomed the chance to dive face first into it after the day they’d had!

New adventures and lots of excitement. I’m happy for them and know this will be a trip they’ll remember for a lifetime as they’ve already created some very interesting memories because of it.

Use these items to make your Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Bars: these cookies and this baking dish.

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