Looking for a quick and easy way to transform plain old refrigerated cookie dough into something special enough for unexpected guests? Try this treat from Shirley Dehler in Columbus, Wisconsin. “I dress mine up with chocolate chips, coconut and whatever nuts I have on hand for these fancy, mouthwatering bars in just minutes.”—Shirley Dehler, Columbus, Wisconsin
I love sugar cookies, but there is a lot of effort that goes into making them. This recipe makes it so much easier!! I like to bake mine for exactly 10 mins. They are a …

The cookies are soft and satisfy the sugar cookie craving with less mess and time. First, please note this is NOT a 9 X 13 pan. I was baffled though over the 23 bars. I cut these into 24, but with the thickness of the cookie they really could be cut smaller. The texture of the dough was very thick so I ended up adding approx 1/3 cup of milk. The almond flavor made these special & they diappeared quickly. Thank you for sharing your recipe


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