Garlic Bread Twists: You guys there is nothing quite like fresh baked bread or breadsticks. But why do they take so darn long to make? Breadsticks are one of my favorite things with a bowl of soup or a big fresh salad. But I never want to put in the time.

But then I think about soft, garlicky breadsticks. The buttery topping! And then I am like, “Ok…worth it!”

Because I never wanted to take the time, I decided it was about time I figured out a recipe for breadsticks that would take under an hour. That way, when I send my kids out to play, and they come in hungry, they don’t have to wait forever to eat! These bread sticks are the fastest, easiest bread ever, and taste amazing to boot! We make them all the time now! And so far no one is complaining.

Garlic Bread Twists are easy to make breadsticks

Not only are Garlic Bread Twists a beautiful golden brown, but they are light, fluffy, and so good. I could fill up on these alone, but love dipping them into a bowl of soup, or a nice pasta sauce. Honestly, I love them just as the recipe is written. But sometimes, it is fun to mix up the filling.


Mix some parmesan cheese into the center garlic mixture.
Skip the garlic salt and add cinnamon and sugar instead to make them cinnamon twists.
Try some fresh herbs and butter. I love basil and garlic.
Garlic Bread Twists are easy to make breadsticks

Garlic Bread Twists go well with soup, pasta, or just on their own. And if you can’t master the twist, don’t worry, they are great just rolled as well. I just like the twist because it means a little filling in every bite, and some extra texture. That extra texture is super nice. I love when you get that nice golden brown with just a little crunchy crispiness. Oh so good.

And when you use a silicone butter brush (not even sure what it is called), and brush melted butter on top…oh em ghee!

Garlic Bread Twists are easy to make breadsticks


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