Growing up, I had meatballs at least once a week. It was an easy and cheap meal for my mom to make when we were little and gave her lots of leftovers for us to enjoy the next day. We ate meatballs with spaghetti, ziti, spiraled pasta and in other ways such as baked ziti, stuffed in lasagna and even in our mac and cheese (obviously no red sauce with mac and cheese, just the cheese). There were so many cool ways to enjoy this dish that my mom really exhausted all her options.

When I started cooking on my own for my own home, I began looking for a good meatball recipe to make. One day, I was trying to cook a bit healthy and found turkey meatballs so I decided to give them a try. OH. MY. GOSH. I have totally forgotten about clean eating, but I have eaten these meatballs at least once a week since. They are so much juicier and flavorful than your regular ol’ meatballs. And they have so much more potential. These are the best recipe for meatballs that I have ever found and I will stick with this forever!

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