When I find a new recipe to make, I get on it. Oftentimes I get bored of making the same old appetizers for parties and events and I feel people get bored of eating them, too! I am always looking for new appetizers when I am on Pinterest, or see a great one at an event, so when I recently went to a party that had this as an appetizer, I knew I had to get the recipe and try them at home. I asked the hostess for the recipe and I was so glad to see how simple it was when she gave it to me.

Turns out, she ended up making frozen meatballs in a teriyaki sauce. I mean, that is it! Nothing else, no extra stuff, no weird ingredients, just meatballs, sauce and extra seasoning if you’d like. You can add hot sauce for a kick, or brown sugar for sweetness. These are just so good no matter how you serve them, when you serve them, or where! They are simple, full of flavor and everyone loves them! I have made these multiple times already and they do not get old. Great flavor and delicious taste!

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