If you have been reading my recipes for any while now, you probably already know I am Cuban. Well, I was born in Canton, Ohio but my parents are Cuban. We eat loads of Cuban food, listen to lots of Cuban music and well, live a traditional Cuban life. It is fun and exciting and there are so many new adventures daily because our lives are just like that. There is so much to look forward to and with 4 other siblings, there is just always something going on!

Now, a few years have passed since I lived in that crazy Cuban household and I am married now, living with my husband. My husband’s father is Cuban, mother is Venezuelan and step-mother is Puerto Rican. Talk about diversity! Now, they all cook amazingly, but my step-mother in law makes some amazing food every single time we are over to visit. Whether it is Christmas or any other holiday, or just a night we go over to hang out, my step-mother in law is cooking traditional rice and beans with meat and tamales. There is just one other thing that she makes that she saves for special occasions and it is just amazing!

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